Your next big life change begins with your name

What's in a Name?


What's in a Name?

The name, given to us by our parents, is mostly as per some norms, scriptures, traditions, or principles followed. These names are mostly in vernacular languages with deep symbolic meanings.

When these names are then written in English, there are chances that we unconsciously change the aura that the name was supposed to carry.

Spelling your name right, as opposed to wrong, can bring about desired effects.


How can we help?

Kabbeer, using Numerology, attempts to re-capture the lost aura of our deep symbolic meaning name by making changes to how a name is spelt, so as to preserve the original intent of the name.

Our aim is to bring about a conscious change in a person’s name, so that when someone spells our name, it invokes positive vibrations.

I would like to help you make this beginning of revering your own name, starting with spelling your name correctly.

How can we help?


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