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Services and Fee

Numerology - Personal Package

Fee : ₹ 5,100

Personal Name

Wherein we provide you the best suitable spelling of your name.

Personal Signature

Wherein we tell you correct act of signing your important documents.

Mobile Number

We suggest you the best suited compounds for your mobile number.

House Number

Here we align the vibrations of your numerology and
the house number .

Bank Account Number

We provide you with the most compatible compounds keeping in mind the best suited numerology for you.

Numerology - Business Package

Fee : ₹ 5,100

Business Name

Wherein we provide you with the best suited business name which aligns with your date of birth.

Business Logo & Identity

We redesign (or create) a logo that suits your business, keeping in mind your date of birth, business name, and nature of business.

Payment Details

For consultation payments, use
Bank Details as below

Kabbeer Grrover

Account Number: 159997201111
IFSC: INDB0000193
Bank: Indusind
Branch: Hazaribagh

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Kabbeer Grrover

Account Number: 159997201111
IFSC: INDB0000193
Bank: Indusind
Branch: Hazaribagh